Our agricultural heartland

Since 1930, we have been working with passion on 85 hectares between Ascona, Locarno and the Magadino plain. We cultivate our cereals, rice and maize with passion and sustainability. This results in products that contribute to the diversity of Swiss farming and are enjoyed in Switzerland.

  • Loto risotto rice, dry-grown since 1997
  • Cereals for pasta, pizza flour, bread and breadsticks
  • Durum wheat for an all-Ticino pasta
  • White, red and millo corvo corn

Our raw materials

Real ingredients for the highest quality

We farm sustainably and have a network of local suppliers. To provide you with the highest quality raw materials, we monitor every step of the production process. We are passionate innovators: we have just launched a 100% Ascona-made flour for pizza and bread.

Discover our agricultural products

Our Terreni alla Maggia specialties

Own production

White wholemeal polenta

CHF 4.40
Own production

Red wholemeal polenta

CHF 5.90
Own production

Black wholemeal polenta

CHF 5.90
Own production

Yuzu vinegar

CHF 10.00
Own production

Rice Loto 500g

CHF 6.90
Own production

Rice box 1kg

1 Kg
CHF 8.90
Own production

Bluebarry jam

CHF 9.20


The Living Circle - a diverse company

Cantina alla Maggia, Ascona

Wine and spirits

Our winery on the Maggia delta produces a wide range of fine wines and distillates that capture the spirit of Ticino.

Schlattgut, Herrliberg

Eggs, strawberries, and ice cream

The Lederberger family has been managing this extraordinary farm for three generations. An estate with a breathtaking view of Lake Zurich, where chickens and cows live in harmony

Château de Raymontpierre, Val Terbi

Simmental beef, vegetables, and fruits according to the season

Florian Wenger's great passion is animals, particularly his Simmental cows. For this reason, in 2001, he co-founded the Simmental Suisse association with other breeders.