From our farm to your table

At The Living Circle, the "from-our-farm-to-your-table" concept is a real experience. We take you on a culinary journey into nature and the authentic flavours of the Ticino soil.

The spirit of farm-to-table

Telling the story on your plate

We are proud of our work and want to share with you the beauty of our oasis on the western shore of Lake Maggiore. In the hotels and restaurants of The Living Circle, our chefs offer creative interpretations of the great classics of Ticino cuisine. Come and savour the delights of Ticino, preferably with a glass of our wine.

Nature on your table

Each of our products is like a letter to our consumers, customers, guests and friends. We are convinced that knowing the history of the ingredients is an integral part of every gastronomic experience - and that is why we are always delighted when you visit us on site.

Behind the scenes at our Cantina