La Lepre

Bianco del Ticino DOC


Own production
CHF 18.00

Grape varieties Merlot, Kerner, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay
Vineyard location Locarno, Maggia Delta
Age of vines 8 to 35 years depending on plot
Soil sandy-slightly clayey, derived from granite rocks and gneiss
Planting density 4,600 vines per hectare
Cultivation system Simple Guyot
Production per m2 900 g

How it looks

Soft golden yellow with light copper highlights


Nose centred on a white and yellow floral reminiscent of yellow rose and acacia. Hints of hay. Followed by yellow fruits such as apricot and peach.


Medium structured, easy-drinking. Dry and well balanced. Excellent taste freshness and savoury trail.

Perfect match with

Creamy Terreni alla Maggia white polenta with cod, white pizzas, summer salads with goat's toma cheese, Terreni alla Maggia rice with citrus fruits and seafood.

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